Acrylic Liquid

Acrylic Liquid

This liquid monomer is designed to combine easy application with a superior finished product. The enhanced color stabilizers ensure that no yellowing will occur and the plasticizers act as shock absorbers to eliminate the chipping and breaking associated with other liquid monomers.

The most revolutionary aspect of this monomer is an optimal balance between cure and set time. Controlled curing  - this liquid has been developed to offer you enough time to create the perfect smile line, and also enough time to perfect your c-curve. Due to the composition of this system, the c-curve retains its original shape until the next service.

No Crystallization: Nail Perfect Premium Liquid will not crystallize due to cold weather. Nail Technicians commonly mention crystallization. What they are referring to is a chemical reaction that occurs when the environment they are working in is cold.

Color Control: Advanced technology in color control gives Nail Perfect confidence that we provide technicians consistent shading with each of our powders.
Available in 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, 1000 ml.

Diamond Dappendishes
Designed for the nail technician to make their product application easier. The matching lid will help to eliminate excessive odor in the salon and no dust, caused by (electric) filing, will fall into the acrylic liquid. These Dappen Dishes are stable so that it will nog spill easily while the technician is working.