NailPerfect Professional Brushes

The Professionel Brush Set from NailPerfect brings a collection of the essential tools necessary for professional nails techs to perform their duties. Brushes all have a fashionably engraved handle with a matching brush cap which slides onto the handle while in use. Each individual brush consists of 100% Kolinsky hair to offer the best in performance and durability.


Acrylic Brush #8
Oval brush, suitable for all acrylic applications.
Acrylic Design Brush
Perfect for creating acrylic designs.

Oval Gel Brush
Oval shaped gel brush suitable for all gel applications, including design. Oval shape for accurate application around cuticle area.
Angular Gel Brush
Angled head allows you to create a perfect, sharp smile line. The Angular Gel is suitable for all types of gels.

Artistic Painting Brush
For covering larger areas while handpainting. Also suitable for gel design.

Artistic Painting Fineliner
Suitable for detailed handpainting. May also be used for gel design.
#8 Premium Acrylic Brush
NailPerfect #8 Premium Acrylic Brush is a size 8 oval brush with a high quality blend of Kolinsky – Sable hair. The crisp point will help you to create the most perfect smile lines and the large belly will allow you to have complete control of the application. This brush is ideal for creating extremely deep smile lines, precise application around the cuticles, backfills and even the most complicated design work.