Design & Brush Organizer Case
Who doesn’t want one? Cute, handy and for multi purposes! The NailPerfect Design & Brush Organizer Case can be used as Soak Off Gel Polish Organizer or Nail Art Organizer!



Convenient white towel with black NailPerfect logo for various purposes. This towel is designed with a loop in the middle of the top edge of the towel, which enables you to hang the towel easily and properly.

Available in Black and White.


Iron-on Glitter Logo
Brand your accessories! Iron this glamorous glitter NailPerfect logo and customize your clothes, bag or any other fabric. It is easy to apply by ironing or hot pressing it.


Table Mat
Make sure your nails have a decent background when showing off your nails. Not only the lovely nails you just created are captured on the picture but also the brand you love to work with. Place your own hands or hands of your model on this NailPerfect Table Mat, take a photo and share where ever you wish. Let everyone know that you are part of the worldwide NailPerfect team!

- Ideal to use as background for pictures of nails
- Helps to build the NailPerfect brand identity
- Plastic
- Size 29,5 x 20,8 cm
- 5 mm thick