Nail Art Gel


NailPerfect 3D Embossed Gel
The 3D Embossed Gel provides different level of nail art with 3D embossing applications. This product is ideal for salon applications and also for nail techs starting out that have not yet refined their 3D techniques. Easy to use without any intense training. Create a variety of designs including: cabling/jersey design, 3D flowers. Let your imagination run wild.

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NailPerfect Paint On French Gel 7 g
Paint On French Gel is a white gel with a thin to medium consistency. Ideal for creating detailed designs and sharp smile lines using brushes of your choice.
NailPerfect Foil Design Gel 7 g
Looking for a gel to help you achieve that “Liquid Gold” look? The Foil Design Gel from NailPerfect is the answer. This unique black gel has much to offer. Not only is it highly pigmented and can be used alongside your traditional color gels, but it has a dual function as a transfer gel for transfer foil.The Foil Design Gel creates the perfect tacky layer for your transfer foils to adhere to, allowing you endless opportunities for foil design. The Foil Design Gel may be used for larger surfaces such as the smile line, or alternatively for intricate designs requiring the foil finish.