Nail Lacquer

NailPerfect Nail Lacquer
NailPerfect offers a broad selection of high quality long-wearing, quick dry Nail Lacquers. Ideal to compliment any manicure or pedicure treatment and perfect as retail item. With beautiful trendy colors in the assortment NailPerfect always has something to each person’s liking. 

- Easy application
- Smooth finish
- Long-wearing formula
- Great coverage
- High shine
- Perfect as retail product
- Available in 11 ml

NailPerfect Nail Lacquer Display Spring 2017
Get ready for the sunny season! Nailperfect Nail Lacquerpresents a display with 6 spring colors! From colors that are bright and vivid to those that convey a sense of earthiness, our top 6 colors for spring 2017 are reminiscent of the hues that surround us in nature. Combine NailPerfect Nail Lacquers with bright NailPerfect Soak Off Gel Polish colors together as a dynamic duo for an eye-catching mani and pedi!

This display includes a appealing header card and holds 3x 6 colors (18 pcs). It provides a neat appearance on yourcounter or shelf and saves space.
Contains the following colors:
#040, #041, #042, #048, #059, #060


NailPerfect Nail Lacquer Display
This display has space for 100 bottles (5 x 20 colors). When you buy 100 colors of your choice, you get this beautiful display including headercard for free!

NailPerfect Nail Lacquer Display with 20 colors
We are very excited to present our NailPerfect Nail Lacquer Display with these 20 fantastic colors . The colors in this display are already set.

Why to buy?
- EXTRA discount
- FREE display with header card
- Ideal for the counter in shop or salon
- Plays an important role in increasing sales
- Conveniently arranged
- Selection of 20 fantastic colors (5x 20)
- Increases visibility
- Attracts more attention
- Can be supplemented from stock

Click here for an overiew of the colors.