Prep Products


Instant clean hands and feet with the NailPerfect InstaGel! Use InstaGel before you start your service to sanitize hands or feet without using water and soap. It is a non-sticky, refreshing gel which softens the skin while it cleans. Ideal as retail item as well.

Available in 240 ml

Instant clean hands and feet with the NailPerfect InstaSpray! Use InstaSpray before you start your service to sanitize hands or feet.

Available in 100 ml, 1000 ml (refill)

Blue Scrub
A natural nail surface cleaner. Blue Scrub cleanses and temporarily dehydrates the natural nail plate. Blue Scrub is an essential part of your preparation procedures for application of enhancements or nail enamel as it improves adhesion and reduces lifting. Prolongs the wearability of nail enamels. Removes contaminants from the nail plate.
Available in 60 ml, 250 ml and 1000 ml.
Acid Free Primer
This bonding agent forms powerful covalent bonds between the acrylic enhancement and natural nails for superior adhesion. This is a non-corrosive formula that eliminates damaging and thinning of the natural nail plate. Prevents lifting.
Available in 15 ml.
Universal Air Bond
Universal Air Bond is a low odor, acid free primer which dries in the air and can be used with all gel and acrylic systems. It promotes the adhesion to the natural nails. It does not burn the natural nails or cuticles, thus much more gentle on the natural nail than acid primers.

Available in 15 ml and 5 ml
Bonding Gel
NailPerfect Premium Bonding Gel is a non-acid primer with a strong grip that does not etch or damage the natural nail. It is chemically “matched” to all Nail Perfect Premium UV gels for greater adhesion. It works like “suction cups” to hold UV gels onto nail plate and prevents lifting of UV gels.

Available in 15 ml.

LED/UV Bonding Gel with Keratin

NailPerfect LED/UV Bonding Gel with Keratin promotes the adhesion of LED/UV Sculpting Gels to the natural nail without damaging it. The hydrolysed Keratin in this product crosslinks with the natural Keratin in the nail, resulting in not only a better adhesion but also stronger nails. It prevents lifting, thus a perfect base for a perfect gel application.
Available in 15 ml.


Improve your adhesion between the Keratin structure of the nail plate and the application with this NailPerfect Primer.