Forms & Holders



NailPerfect Nail Form Holder
The NailPerfect Nail Forms Holder does not only give you easy access to each form. It also gives your work area a professional and neat appearance. This essential nail tech item is available in small and big to hold both NailPerfect Salon Success Forms c.q. Premium Forms. A great way to keep them well organized. Available in small and big.




NailPerfect Salon Success Forms
The NailPerfect Salon Success Form offers the adhesion and strength that you have become accustomed to from the NailPerfect Premium Form, but in a suitable salon length.The NailPerfect Salon Success Form includes guidelines for traditional square/squoval nails, but still includes the guidelines for a shorter style stiletto.

Nailperfect Forms 
NailPerfect Forms are produced with a special glue; the nail form will not loosen during application. Ad with the adding of the special stiletto lines, Stiletto nails are very easily created. They are suitable for most nail types and can be used with both acrylics and gel.
Contains 300 forms per roll.